Thursday, April 5, 2012

Just a quick thought on breakfast


   Here's a breakfast idea that lots of people down home like. In fact, this is so good and I'm sure that so many people nationwide enjoy it I'm surprised I have never seen it advertised at Denny's or seen any mention of it on any of the cooking shows. I'm sure ya'll know I'm talking about that ole trusty stand-by, Brains and Eggs.

   All you need to enjoy this delectable treat is one good size calf brain, half a dozen eggs, milk, six green onions, a little oregano, basil, dill weed, salt and peeper. Crack the eggs in a medium bowl and add one -half cup of milk along with the other ingredients. Whisk them all together just like you were going to make scrambled eggs. Wash the brain in cold water and chop it into chunks about half-inch square. Add the brain to the egg mix and stir until it mixed throughout.

   Add a couple of tablespoons of oil (lard if you're from down south) to a ten inch skillet (cast iron works real well) Once the oil is hot pour in the egg and brain mix, stirring constantly. Keep stirring until the eggs are kind of dry looking and the brains have been cooked through. Dish em up along with a pile of fried taters and cover them both with fresh white gravy with a couple of scratch made biskets.

   This is a breakfast that will stick with you through a whole day of baling hay or a hard day of tromping through the woods! Enjoy.