Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Getting It Together

   Sometime a person just needs a little time out to clear your mind. There are about as many different ways of doing that as there are people. As for me, every once in a while I like to get just as far as I can get from other people. That might just be part of me being anti-social but to me, since I've spent so much time being out in nature by myself that it has become very relaxing. Sure, sometimes I enjoy having a friend along on these trips. It's fun sitting around a campfire and visiting but I have discovered over the years that I'm very happy with just my own company. I found when I was in Alaska that I have no problem going for a few months without seeing or talking to another person so I really don't have any problem with a week or so hanging out by a creek or river.

   The best way to spend an evening. Watching a fire and listening to the birds and squirrels. I will have to admit that the woods up here are kind of silent compared to the ones down home. There aren't as many birds living in the forest here as the hard woods down there but them little pine squirrels make up for it.

   A great place to take a morning walk. out a mile down and back but I do it several times a day. One morning just at daylight just in that one mile walk I saw Elk in the valley to the left and even more exciting, a deer walking down the trail in the one to the right. Seeing a deer in this area wasn't that exciting but the mountain lion stalking along behind it was. The only bad thing was that the wind changed. As soon as they got my scent they both took off.

   What better way to pass some time after your morning walk that sitting on the side of a fast flowing creek and trying to catch some supper? Lots of trout in this creek. I know there are folks that say they don't like trout. All I can say is they've never one pan fried over a campfire with just a tiny bit of oil, salt and pepper and a view like this. There is no kind of food a person can make that tastes as good as something like that. It's the place that really adds the flavor!

   Of course if you want to add something to the trout, wild shrooms are really hard to beat! Never cared much for shrooms as a kid but once I found out how good they taste while out in the woods I gather them every chance I get. I am careful though since I only know about half a dozen different kinds that I'm sure are safe to eat.
   If you happen to be out in July Or August and you get the urge to take a bath you won't find a more beautiful than this. Of course you might want to make sure it's a really hot day and you only want a quick bath because this water is only about 10 degrees above freezing on the hottest days!

   This is one of the main reasons you might want to be out here. Just kicking back and enjoying the views. It is fun to share things like this with friends and family but every once in awhile you just want to  soak them in by yourself. It's OK to be greedy and store them up as privet treasures in your mind. Something you can recall on those days when the world seems to be such a crazy place

   So, if you every feel the urge to just get out and recharge your batteries, go for it! If you can't find anyone to take along you can always go by yourself. Who knows, it may turn out that you really enjoy your own company.