Friday, September 2, 2011

New Idea

   Hear's the latest plan. Stanley and I found som really fine gold. We're pretty sure that we know where the heavier stuff is but as much as we hated to admit it we weren't in any shape to dig down to it. It's really rough being old and decreped. My plan now is to do some research and see what it's going to take to file a claim on the area we believe the gold to be in. Once I get the claim filed I can check out teh local (kindof) prospecting club and see if someone with a dredge would be willing to go partners with us. I'll try to keep you posed on how the plan works.
   One other fun thing. I gave Stanley some egg shaped rocks to take home. His grand daughter Gracie has some chickens now and he's going to sneak the rocks into their nests. He's going to send some pictures of her when she finds out the chickens are laying super hard boiled eggs.