Monday, October 13, 2014

New Direction

   Sometimes I tend to just get tired. I'm getting old, a lot older than I ever expected to be and I get tired of hurting all the time! Between the back, the leg and the breathing sometimes it almost feels like it's more than it's worth! I think the thing I get the most tired of is not being able to do what I want to do!
   I didn't get to go hunting this year because I just flat out can't walk the distance I need to in the woods. I have hunted since I was around 10 years old and to have to admit that I can't do it anymore really hurts!
   I really hate this being retired thing! Maybe if I had worked at a job all my working life and was looking forward to being able to quit that would be different but I had to retire because I've screwed my body up so much that I can't work. My "can do" just won't keep up with my "want to" anymore.
   Anyway, enough of my whining, Here's my new plan.  I have really gotten into cooking in the last few years, which means I watch a lot of the cooking shows on TV. One I have been watching is The Great Food Truck Race and I got to thinking that I kind of like food trucks. There's a couple of Mexican trucks around that I think make better food than any of the restaurants around here.
   Here's my plan. I'm going to go around and sample all the food trucks I can find and report back on how they do. The first thing I'm going to be looking for is taste then presentation then customer service. Be warned, I am not a chief and my palate is not the greatest in the world but I do Know what I like so my judging will limited to that! Plus, I can only judge food trucks in the NW, I'm thinking Wa. and Oregon.
   This at least gives me something to do and I hope it might give folks an idea of where they might want to stop and get a bite. Sooooo, if you live in the NW and have tried a food truck let me know, good or bad, I'll check them out and see if I agree with you!