Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Skunk Stew




   You may not believe this but skunk isn't bad eating. They have a really dark red neat with very little fat like most wild game but a good flavor. Depending on how hungry you are.. The hard part is killing them without getting sprayed. Regardless of what Jimmy Bales and some other folks down home might think I can do this,,,,sometimes.

  Anyway, once you get them skinned they're not bad just roasted over the camp fire. Yes, they do get a little dry because of the lack of fat but they do hit the spot when you're hungry. The best way (to me) is to make them into a stew/soup.

   Cut them into a few pieces by cutting off the legs, split the ribs down the backbone. You can toss the head in for flavor or if you like the brain. I'm not supper crazy about the brain but when you get really hungry it's not that bad. You have to have something to go with it besides water and the few times I've done this I was lucky enough for cat tails to be up and doing well. If you can get them pull tem up, don't cut! You can use the roots like potatoes, (their not, but when you're hungry you can convince yourself they are close. Peel the potter leaves and cut the stalk into one inch pieces. Depending on where you're at if the ct tails are up then you should be able to find come clover. The bitter flavor goes well. Salt and pepper to taste if you have it, if you don't, and you can find them add a few dandelion leaves to your stew.  Cook your stew over a bed of coals for a few hours until the roots are tender, adding wood around the pot as needed.

   I'm not going to lie to you and try to pass this off as a great meal, but it will fill you up and keep you going till you can find something better.