Sunday, October 26, 2014

Bird Surprise

Bird surprise!


   So, I'm sitting in my normal spot at the window watching TV and glancing out to watch the birds out by the pond and feeder. There were a lot of them out there including a few Stellar Jays and several doves. Dorris said something about feathers and birds and when I turned to ask what she'd said there was a really loud thump as something hit the window! I turned back to the window and saw this guy looking lie he was trying to land on the porch but instead he went out to the tree by the pond and landed.













 My first thought was that he was the one who had run into the window and I grabbed the camera so I could get a close up look to see if he was hurt. As I was checking on him, Dorris came over to look and said she didn't think that the hawk had the window. She looked out the other window and told me to look on the ground next to the porch. It took a minute for me to see what she was pointing out but I finally saw this dove.


   We figured out that the hawk had been trying to catch one of the smaller birds and scared all of them so bad that this dove had hit the window and broke it's neck!













   I got a few good pictures of the hawk in the tree. I may not have seen the dove right off but you could tell that the hawk knew where it was by watching him plus he came back down to the porch to get it!


   He's sitting on top of the dog statue that's at the edge of the porch, looking at the dove. We were sure he was going to hop down and get the dove but Joey scared him away. Even then, he wanted that dove and didn't go to far.

   I guess he didn't trust the dogs because he finally left without getting his dove. It didn't go to waste though, Dorris got to have fried dove for lunch!