Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mutant Blogs !

 I"m not sure what's going on here.  I have this one blog (I think) I added a couple of links to this one so I could advertise the book (I'm pretty sure those were links and not separate blogs) but for some reason (can't be my fault) when I post here and tell it to share with facebook and twitter (like it really listens to me) I end up with four or five posts on each one. I think the blog and the links are feeding off each other!
   I don't really trust computers. There was a time when I would buy games but I could never get them to work. It didn't matter how much I told the computer what I wanted it to do. I even got to the point of getting a baseball bat (Nerf) and beat the hell out of the puter for not doing what it was supposed to. I know it had to be the puter because I always did everything correctly from my side. Always read the instructions (glanced at them after I couldn't get it to work at least three times) I did everything in the proper order (as I thought it should be) I would even explain in detail what the puter was supposed to do but it would always do something different!
   I finally figured out what the deal was. The puter liked the games I got and didn't want to share them with me. I would just give me garbage when I tried to play and wait until I gave up and left then it would sit there with it's evil little puter lights going and play them itself!