Monday, December 26, 2011


   I'd like to say Happy Holidays to all who celebrate and Live Long and Prosper to those who don't. It's been a pretty good year for me so far. The books are out and hopefully a few folks will find them interesting enough to buy. The print version of On My Own is at Lulu.com. and the Ebook is at Smashwords.com and I will warn you, it's not as polished as Down Home. I did both of these by myself without ans editor and since I'm still not very good at spelling and spellcheck can only catch so much there's going to be spelling and typing errors. Over the years I've managed to learn to type with my eyes closed. It makes it easy for the story to flow in your mind but also makes it really rough if your not the greatest typer or speller.
   Stanley and I are already talking about what we're going to do this summer. He could come back up here, I could go down there or we could meet in Nevada. We would like to do some more prospecting. We know there's gold up here but we will have to have help to get it. Not as much down there but there are still some good places to look and friends to visit. Nevada is the best place for metal detecting and it's a lot easier walking across the desert than it is trying to fight your way through the forest of the pacific Northwest. We'll just have to see what the health and finances are going to let us do.