Monday, January 9, 2012

Redneck Gourmet, Grilled Coon

1 coon (leave the head on if you're one of them people that like brains)

Four or five pieces of bacon (fatback is better if you have it)

Six medium taters (sweet taters, if you like them)

Two or three stalks of celery

One good size onion

Half a dozen carrots

Salt and pepper

Lay your coon on a big piece of tinfoil and run him down with either oil or butter. Salt and pepper him inside and out to taste. Chop up the taters, celery, carrots, bacon and onion and stuff them inside him. If you cleaned him yourself you can add the heart, liver and kidneys also. Wrap him up real good in the tinfoil and put him on the grill. You want the tempiture to be around 220 for three to four hours depending on the size of the coon. You can use whatever kind of wood you like for smoke, I prefer Hickory myself. For charcoal or gas grills put a pan of soaked wood chip close as you can to the fire. You're gonna want to cook him with the lid down so pay attention to the heat.

Once his tempiture is around 165 lay him out on the counter still wrapped and let him rest for 20 minutes or so. I like to serve him as just meat and taters but some folks like to rub him with BBQ sauce. I've even seen some folks that pull all the meat off, add BBQ sauce and chop him up for sandwiches. Add a side of Polk salad and you have a fine meal.