Monday, June 30, 2014


   Looking forward to Stanley getting here. Sounds like he should be rolling in about the 16th. The only bad thing is that he has to come up in July this year. Love having them get to come up but for what we enjoy doing August would be better. We're heading up to a couple of creeks and rivers to do a little prospecting but since it's gonna be July all we can do is pans, sluice box and metal detectors. Can't use a dredge up here until August. I have no doubt that we're going to be able to find a little but you got to get super lucky to find a lot when that's all the equipment you can use. Of course the hard part is that even if you find some coming up with the funding to develop a claim is gonna be rough for a couple of gimps like us and being able to actually work a claim is wishful thinking!
   Our gold mining now days would be both of us sitting in chairs next to the creek with people a lot younger and in better shape (that wouldn't take much!) out in the creek. That way we can just point and say "Dig there"..:-) But, that's not going to stop us from trying! The great thing is just going to be the country we're going to be camping in! Sitting around a camp fire and visiting is one of our favorite pass times. We do that in the yard and love it and when you get to do it up in the Cascade Mountains surrounded by huge trees looking up at a sky that seems so close you could touch the stars that is special!
   I am hoping we're going to be able to find more than just flakes this year because I'll be posting some pictures and I'd sure like to show off a pan full of nuggets!