Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mt Si Day 2

   Up early the next morning. Moon still shining and so quite. The only sounds was the water flowing over the rocks and a few birds. Talk about a great place for morning coffee!
















   Had to wait for the sun to come out so Stanley could ld wade across the creek and check out a trail. He had to take his waders off because it was to hard to walk through the woods with them on. We really wanted to get to the next bend up river from where we were camped and check out a land slide area. The river was too deep to wade that far and we were hoping the trail would run along side the river. No luck. After all the hassle of getting across it only went a few yards into the woods and died out. BUMMER!




   Since he was already on the other side he decided to check out that bank and see if there was anything different over there.


   Having those waders sure made it a lot easier to spend time in the river checking things out. Last time I only had one pair and Stanley was wading around in the 40 degree water with shorts and tennie shoes! I had made the mistake of getting a set in my normal size.  The first time I wore them was when Stan was here last and I thought it was going to be the last time! I got my fake leg shoved in them but it took Stanley and me almost a half and hour to get it back out! We were both beginning to thing we were going to have to cut them off! This year I had another pair, and even thought they were to large I was able to get my foot out without a problem and by having them we both a pair, made a lot of difference.


   Water Dog! These little guys were all over the river! Young ones, too small for fish bait.


   We spent most of the day searching but didn't really find much different than the first day so we decided to call it quits. We might have moved to a different spot for another night but even though we looked the only spot we found that we liked was a place where we couldn't get down to the river to camp and neither of us are able to pack a bunch of camping gear up and down a steep river band so we headed back home, We did stop by Snoqualmie Falls on the way.


   We didn't find enough gold to get rich but that was really just an excuse to get out and spend a night in the woods around a fire, Not that we would have turned our noses up at a big find!!