Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Westport Crabbing



   Westport for a relaxing day of crabbing. That was the plan anyway and if we hadn't stayed WAY to late at the casino the night before the plan would have worked out much better! Everyone was super tired but what the hell, we all enjoyed the day anyway! 




We just went to the public dock, got set up, tossed the crab traps in the water and set back to enjoy the day.


   Catching crabs is pretty easy in Westport, catching ones big enough to keep is something else!




   Red Rock and Dungeness . The red's have to be at least 5" and you can keep either sex. The Dungeness have to be at least 6" and you can only keep the males.


   My part, sitting back relaxing and helping when needed.










    Stan had to at least try fishing with a pole, To many tiny bait stealers so he had to give up and go back to checking the traps.



   A little cloudy and a little cool but we still had a great day and now Stan can say he is a crab fisherman. And yes, we did bring some home. I showed Stan how to cook and clean them and they taste great!