Saturday, July 19, 2014

Mt Si Gold Panning

Mt Si Gold Panning 1



   Getting the camp set up. the first year we only had a couple of blankets, this year we had sleeping bags! A definite move up!



   Couldn't ask for a prettier place to  camp.



   Sure didn't have any problem seeing what was on the bottom!



   This is across the river (creek) looking toward the camp.



   Berries right next to the van in camp. These wear ripe and all over the place! On the "Eat" list.



   Not sure what these are but they were sure pretty! Hard to see in the picture but they are a super shiny black. But sine I don't know what they are they are for sure on the "Don't Eat" list.



   This is the view we had while we were walking up the road looking for firewood.



   Stan's big find the first day. The picture doesn't do it justice! He was super excited when he dug this up and saw the gold shining in the sun. If it only wasn't Pyrite he would have been much more excited! But is sure is pretty anyway.



   After a hard days digging it was time to kick back and relax. We spent the next few hours doing what we do best, shooting the bull and re-living memories! We also spent most of the night watching for Bigfoot. Lots of moonlight and a perfect night to see him, but no luck.