Saturday, August 27, 2011

Are We There Yet???

   We went sight seeing today, not because we wanted to but the map we had wasn't worth a damn. We were trying to find a gold claim down south ot the Cowlitz river so we drove all over hell and half of Georgia and finally managed to find the place only to find that the creek was WAY down from the trail. We figured we could get down to the creek that was the easy part, of course we weren't sure what kind of shape we would be in when we got there (falling down a cliff is easy after all) but we werenT sure about the getting back out part. After about three hours of driving through some really pretty country we finally found a couple of places we could at least check out the water. No luck on the gold but if you're going to get lost (we weren't really lost, we knew where we were just not where we were going) this state is a great place to be lost in.

Stanley is checking out a little creek we found

really pretty one

lots of boulders in the creek but there was a nice "old man" trail getting down to it

We kept getting strong hits with the dectectors but what evey it was it was to deep to dig to

I tried panning a little but getting bent over like this is a lot rougher than I remember it. Sometimes I forget that prospecting is hard work! 
This is the trail going down to the claim. We left the house before eight and finally found this place around one. If we would have had a decent map we could have gotten there in an hour

It looks really close in the picture but it is about fifty feet down to the gravel bar from the trail

We found another trail on the other side of the river where we could get down close to the water. he is checking out some rocks

He found one

 Stanley is heading back down the trail from teh first claim

This cedar log was used as part of the old bridge over the creek

Stanley was really impressed with this little knob. It only sticks up a few hundred feet above the forest, lots bigger ones around here.

 Stanley heads back home Wen. the 31st so we might just be doing sightseeing for teh next few days.