Saturday, August 6, 2011

Stanleys Visit

   Seven more days before Stanley makes it up here. He'll be here from the 13th until the 31st. Our plans are to do some gold prospecting while he's up. The first week we're going to make a trip down to Skate Creek, a relly promising spot on a creek up by the Tatoose Trail and a GPAA clam down on teh Cowlitz River. The plan is for that one to be at least three days. We know it's going to be a chore prospecting with the shape both our backs are in so we're taken Justin (my son) along to be our pack mule. He's more than willing to go along with it so I really hope he gets to enjoy more than just packing stuff around.
   We're planning on going out in the Sound for some crabbing on the weekend after he gets here and have a crab feed if we get enough. Nothing better than fresh Dungenese Crabs!
   The next trip will be three to four days up on the other side of Mt Si above North Bend. We found a small piece of gold and lots of quartz cyrstals the last time he was up. We only had a day to spent up there that time so we're planning on enough time to really look around this time.