Saturday, August 20, 2011

Northwest Trek

   We made it to Trek and back. Stan is out relaxing in the recliner and I'm trying to type while I'm leaned back in this chair. Northwest Trek is a really pretty place to go but I forgot how many hills are in that thing. We were pretty well the slowest moving things in that park today. I kind you not, we were going up one hill and I swear to God there was a little girl about two years old and looking like she was just learning to walk who passed us on the hill! We only passed up two beanches the whole time we were there and the only reason we passed thos up was because they were low to the ground and we were afraid that if we got down on them we wouldn't bea able to get back up. Our favorite part was riding around the park on the tram. We got to see lots of stuff and sit on our butts at the same time! I'm beginning to think that if we want to keep hunting we're going to have to get something that's four wheel drive with well padded seats and just drive around the loging roads until we see something to shoot at!
   It was an enjoyable trip though and it got us out of the house for awhile. The rest of today and al of tomorrow will be just hanging out here at the house making sure we are both healed up enough for the prospecting trip next week.

Cute aren't they?

Not as cute anymore but good eating!

nice fur and good eating!

I had way more to do with these guys in Alaska than I wanted!

The food I never could find in Alaska

I still try to hunt these

This guy was worth his weight in gold on my trap line in Ak.

This is the food I did find in Ak. Lasted me all winter but after six months I never wanted to taste another piece of moose!! 

We took these on the way to the park

My personial devil, cute here but when you spend a winter figthing him over a trap line he quits being cute really quick!

We only got one picture but we spent a whole lot of time sitting on these trying to get our breath back and our backs to quit hurting!! See one animal, find a bench, see another animal, find a bench  etc etc..