Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Last Night

   It's hard to say good bye to friends but it is our last night. We've had fun, spent a few nights in the wild lookin for gold, we did find some but we're not going to get rich. Being out in the woods was the main thing anyway, finding gold would have been just the icing on the cake. Saw some really pretty country and met some really nice people but most important we just got to spend some quailty time together.
   Maybe next year, if our health holds out we're thinking about meeting in Nevada to do some more prospecting and metal detecting. We are looking forward to it. the only sour note in this whole trip was the word that one of our class mates and friends had passed away. We are thinking of you Jimmy and pray that you are waiting for us in a better place.
   Anyway, we spent the last night visiting some friends and having fun shooting the bull with people we enjoyed.

Campfire in the back yard. Steaks, corn on the cob and enjoyable company

Left to right Jim, Stan, Dorris,Debbie, Me, Becky, Bill

Me, Becky, Debbie

me, Becky and Bill

Me relaxing

the group


shooting the bull

Dorris's car, Stan wanted this for some reason

Mater Chief Jim, Retired Navy

Joey is going to miss Stan, his favorite chew toy

Justin and Lauren

 Max relaxing so he can go chase some more rocks

Me, in my monkey suit, Stanley wanted this so he can go back home and make fun of me!!