Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 1

  Stanley got in at 7:10 last night. We didn't do anything other than sitting around shooting the bull till 2:00 this morning. Today would be a boring day to most everyone but us. We spent the day just sitting out on the porch relaxing and catching up. It's surprising sometimes when you consider how often we talk on the phone at how much we still to talk about in person. We wandered over thtough Roy to day, that's one of the places he used to hang out when he was stationed at FT Lewis back in the 60's. We wanted to see if he remembered anything, he doesn't.
   Went down to the Redwind Casino for the buffet and all we could eat crab tonight. We're both feeling pretty good so tomorrow we're headed dwn to Owens beach to spend the day tuning our metal detectors so we'll be ready to head out prospecting first thing Tues. morning.