Friday, August 19, 2011

Fishing Puget Sound Day 6

   Seems like we're battinga thousand here so far. We went up to a great place to do some gold panning and the creek was still to high for us to be able to do anything then we go out ojn Puget Sound to do some crabbing and didn't catch even one crab, not anything we could eat anyway, the little spider crab doesn't count. On top of everything else my brain took a vacation today and I hit the wake from another boat way faster than I should have. It hurt my back and I was sitting on a padded seat, Stanley was sitting in the back of the boat and when we left the water he went a couple of feet in the air and right back down on his butt. He is REALLY hurting right now. It might have been a fun thing forty years ago but it is a little rough today!
   Anyway, he did stick it out fishing for the next eight hours. We caught a load of dogfish, fun to catch but worthless and we threw all of them back. We also caught some flounders which we did bring home and are going to fry tonight. Other than me trying to cripple Stanley it wasn't a bad day. Of course any day spent fishing has to be a good one.