Thursday, August 11, 2011

First Trip

   Stanley will be here in two days. I have the fire pit out back cleaned up, got a new tarp on the gazebo (just in case it rains) got a couple of chairs ready and the frig stocked with beer. That should cover us for a couple of nights.
   Tuesday we're going to head out for our first trip. We have a 48" sluice box, lots of gold pans and the tools we need to go along with them. We will both have our metal detectors along and high hopes of finding at least the color of gold.
   I hate to admit it but times have changed. We used to think that if we had at least one blanket a piece and some kind of a pot we were sit to go camping for at least a week. These days there will be no more pulling up a soft rock and going to bed. Now we have a tent, two cots WITH air mattresses, floding chairs, propane stoves with lots of cooking goodies, bug spray, lights lots of food and beer plus we're taking water along with us (no more cow ponds) a nice camp table and everything else we can think of!
   I have no doubt that we are going to enjoy ourselves but it's for sure going to be a lot more sedate than it sued to be. There are some really nice cliffs down where we're going but instead of being like a couple of bugs scrambleing up the face we're going to be sitting in our chairs admireing them. Instead of working away none stop we're going to be taking a lot more breaks and I'm sure we will be eating more than once a day. There will be very little of the jumping up ready to go first thing in the morning, I can't even begin to move without half a pot of coffee (sitting and drinking coffee is my excuse to get the kinks out so I can move around).
   I will keep everyone post as to what happens.