Friday, August 12, 2011

Right arm to left..

   The first time Stanley got to meet Dorris was when we got together on the river up by Nowata. We were having a fun time getting back together, shooting the bull and getting to see the kids. I think Gene ans Dene were somewhere about 10 and 9? Can't remember but John was with us that summer which was just before he came to live with us. Anyway, we were not only having fun doing some fishing but we were also having a ball shooting a black powder shotgun that Dorris had bought for me. I love that thing, and still have it. You can dump about 120 grains of black powder, add a stuffing (wad) of news paper and a couple of ounces of lead shot, plus one more layer of news paper and  blast a dove out of the sky at a couple of hundred yards.  You have to keep in mind that this thing has a steel butt plate so the more powder and shot you put in it the harder it kicks. We were doing our normal thing and each time one of us shot it we would load it a little heavier to see who could stand the hardest kick.
   Right down from us was another family camping and after a half dozen shots one of the guys came wandering up to see what we were doing. We showed him the gun and explained what we were doing. He seemed really interested and called the rest of his group up to watch us shot it a couple of times. Now I have to own up to the fact that both Stanley and my pea brains kicked in at the same time, and if by chance this guy happens to remember this and he happens to get a chance to read this, we're sorry! He was a hell of a nice guy and we weren't very nice to him. He asked if he could shoot the gun and of course we said yes. We told him to just shoot one barrel at a time because it did kick( that fulfilled our required warning, in our minds) but then we loaded the barrels with about three times the amount of powder and shot we had been using and handed it to him.
   The guy even thanked us when we handed it to him which made me feel just a little guilty, not enough to stop him, but a little.  We had him pick out a tree branch that he could aim at and covered our ears. He was a brave soul I will admit, he threw that shotgun to his shoulder and pulled the triggers. Notice I said TRIGGERS! Stanley and I had been only shooting one barrel at a time which with the amount of powder we had been adding would rattle you're teeth, he pulled both triggers! Not only did he shoot both barrels but he was just a half second off on pulling both so it was boom.....boom instead of boomboom. He went backwards at least five feet and fell on his butt!
   We ran over to him him and tried to help him back on his feet but he just wanted to sit there for a minute and get his breath back. Stanley and I were both bad because we damn near busted a gut trying not to laugh. We finally got him back on his feet and Stanley, in his most inocent voice asked if he would like to shoot it again. Mean as I am part of me wanted to see him do it again, but after looking at the bruise that went from his shoulder to his hip I couldn't blame him for saying no.