Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First prospecting trip

   Bad news so far on the gold prospecting. We went up to a really pretty place where I am sure there is gold. The bad news is that the creek is still way to high for us to be able to get down to the gravel beds. I would give anything to have a dredge right now because that the only way we would be able to work this creek. Another thing we found out is we not nearly as good at climbing up and down steep banks as we used to be, who would have thought it??? As you can see from the pictures it is a long way down to the creek.
   We still had a lot of fun just sitting around the camp fire and reminiscing about how well we used to be able to climb and wishing we still could. Even though we weren't able to do any gold panning this is a really pretty spot to camp.
Relaxing by the fire

Half way down to the creek. I ran out of trail down tot he water and about killed myself getting back to the top.

There's gold in those waters! All we had to do was figure a way to get down there and get it.

This is the log that fell across the creek. It was fun walking across it and there are pretty views up and down the creek but there is no way to get down to the water. There is a game trail at the other end where we found bear tracks.

This is one of the trees next to the camp. Bet it would make a lot of toothpick !

Stanley has the pan and the desire he's just trying to figure out how to make both work.both

He's getting closer but all the good gravel is under that water.

   Tomorrow we're going down to Ocean Shores and comb the beach with the metal detectors for awhile and plan our next trip. We will be going bad tot eh place close to North Bend where we found  some gold the last time Stanley was up. We're hoping to have better luck there